State Polls A-Plenty: IA, NH, SC

I had a few previous posts about polls here earlier this morning but I have decided to put them all together in one place since there are a bunch this morning (and we haven’t even gotten the daily Rasmussen tracker yet!). The pill numbers are below and my analysis will follow. Note that I am including candidates in these polls who are in double digits. Here we go:

Iowa GOP (ARG):

Mitt Romney – 28% (+2)
Mike Huckabee – 27% (+3)
Fred Thompson – 14% (+3)

New Hampshire GOP (ARG):

Mitt Romney – 36% (+6)
Rudy Guiliani – 22% (-1)
Mike Huckabee – 13% (+6)
Undecided – 12% (-3%)
John McCain – 11% (-5%)

New Hampshire GOP (Rasmussen):

Mitt Romney – 34% (+2)
Rudy Guiliani – 15% (-2)
John McCain – 15% (-1)
Mike Huckabee – 14% (+4)

South Carolina GOP (ARG):

Rudy Guiliani – 23%
Mitt Romney – 21% (-8)
Mike Huckabee – 18% (+13 WOW!!)
Fred Thompson – 13% (+3)
John McCain – 10% (-3)

Phew…that took a long time to compose and get all the numbers and links right! Anyway the big news is that Mike Huckabee’s surge is now evident in New Hampshire and now clear in South Carolina as well. Governor Huckabee is not just going to be a one-state wonder! He is going to compete tooth and nail in every key primary state! And you can help him keep up his momentum by making a campaign contribution TODAY

Stay tuned for an update on the fundraising. It’s raining money in Huckabeeland for sure!


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