Tut Tut It Looks Like Rain…Get Your Wallets and Umbrellas Ready For The Huckabee Blitz!

It’s now 10 PM Eastern. Remember the challenge I posted about over the weekend? Well we are two hours away from the start of the November 20th Blitz! While the unofficial goal is still 1 Million the Official Campaign in a very smart move has set the goal to eclips the October goal by tomorrow at Midnight. the October goal, if you remember was $1,034,487 in online donations. We eclipsed that in 31 days last month. The campaign wants to eclipse that in 20 days this month! The current online total (and it keeps growing by the minute today) is $808,379.72. Again we are two hours away from the dams bursting open. Let’s see how far we can get!

I can’t afford to donate tomorrow but there’s a great new feature on the Huckabee site. The formed the Huckabee Rangers tonight. Each member who signs up is encouraged to raise at least $100. I would like to raise at least $100 by tomorrow. Would you please help me? Please follow the link in the widget below and help me reach my goal? Thank you!

With your help I would like to raise the goal through the day tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone up to date on the progress made tomorrow!



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