1 Million For Huckabee on November 20th!

This has been going around for several days now and there are more and more people getting on board with it so I cannot ignore this challenge anymore.

Let’s Help Mike Huckabee raise $1,000,000 in one day!

Dear Fellow Mike Huckabee Supporters,

I am confident that you will agree with me when I say Mike Huckabee is the best candidate running for president. He is smart, articulate, and right on the issues. He is rising in the polls, has cross-over appeal, and would beat Hillary Clinton. The only thing holding him back right now is the mistaken view that he can’t win.

Critics point to his relatively meager fund raising total to date and say he doesn’t have enough money to compete. Potential supporters hear these critics and decide they are right and choose not to “waste their money.” It becomes a vicious cycle, that ensures Huck continues to lag. (Although his numbers are definitely improving.)

Together, we can break this cycle. I have created a website, Nov20ForTheChildren.com , challenging every Huckabee supporter to give $100 or more on November 20th (Children’s Day). Although I have a limited income myself, I will be donating $100 on this day. I encourage you to do likewise.

Please head over to http://Nov20ForTheChildren.com today and register your support. By doing so, we can track our progress and thus encourage more people to participate. (Everyone wants to be part of a big, wining effort.) Even if you can’t quite afford $100 I encourage you to sign up to give what you can. Every amount counts. Together we can “Take a Stand for the Future” and turn governor Huckabee into president Huckabee.

Thank you for you time and support,
Thaddeus Billman

I hope and pray this effort is successful. Please spread the word!

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One Response to “1 Million For Huckabee on November 20th!”

  1. Winghunter Says:

    Hey that’s great, although there are several home-school mom’s in Arkansas that might have a few things to offer Ms. Star.

    In the meantime, Mort Kondracke offered that if only one-third of the accusations within the following article are true, the Huckster’s candidacy is over;

    The Dark Side of Mike Huckabee

    and just one more;


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