NRLC Defiantly Sells Out Its Principles, Endorses Fred!


First of all if you have been reading my posts you will note where I stand. I am an Independent voter. I am a Fiscal Conservative and do not consider myself a Social Conservative. In fact I am downright Libertarian in my views on such things as abortion and gay marriage. However I cannot ignore blatant hypocrisy and that is exactly what i see this morning.

Yesterday it was leaked that the National Right to Life Commitee would endorse Former Tennessee Senator, and actor, Fred Thompson. As you can see below this did not sit well with me or anyone else supporting Mike Huckabee. Based on what I have read and heard this set off an explosion and a deluge of calls, faxes, and e-mails to both the national committee and the state offices of the NRLC. In fact they had to stay up all night to field the calls at the national headquarters. There is no doubt in my mind that Romney people were also flooding them as well.

Despite all of that the NRLC went through with the endorsement this morning. I am so angry I can hardly see straight.
It’s the blatant hypocrisy that angers me! I disagree with Mike Huckabee on the issue in question. However it doesn’t take much work to figure out who most closely shares the NRLC’s principles – That candidate is Mike Huckabee. Rudy is pro-choice and proud of it. Mitt Romney offers more flip-flops on the issue than the International House of Pancakes! And then there is Fred Thompson. How can a pro-life group endorse someone who lobbied for Planned Parenthood of all Political Action Groups? Governor Mike Huckabee is pro-life now, he was pro-life 15 years ago, and he’ll be pro-life 15 years from now! His convictions and principles are clear and deep rooted. The fact that the NRLC and other Social Conservative leaders have chose to ignore this is egregious to me!

The NRLC has sold out to someone who they feel is more electable. THIS ELECTION CANNOT BE ABOUT ELECTABILITY!!! Let’s get over the Hilary Clinton thing. The Senator from New York is done. It’s over for her. She’s now free-falling with no signs of stopping. She is the Howard Dean of 2008. Even if she does regain her footing we should not be making our choice about who can beat her. When we make a choice like that we lose. Look at the Dems in 2004. They made their choice based on who could defeat George Bush. They failed! We’ll fail too if we fall in the same trap. We must make our choice for a man with deep convictions, big ideas, and a new direction to take our nation back to being “the beacon on a hill” that Ronald Regan spoke of and accomplished. There’s only one candidate out there that can do that and that is Governor Mike Huckabee!

Thanks to Brett who has shared this graph with me and I will share it with you below:

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The graph above clearly shows the direction that both the Huckabee (in Red) and Thompson (In Blue) campaigns are going. The data is from the Rasmussen GOP Daily Tracking Poll since October. You can clearly see that Huckabee is rising and Thompson is falling (both at a steady rate)

Congratulations NRLC! Way to go! You’ve deemed yourself irrelevant to the process. You will lose money and tons of members in the process. Let’s see what happens when Fred continues to tank. Will you stay aboard the Titanic as it sinks or will you show your hypocritical ways and change sides?

Okay…I need to go take a walk. Phew!

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  1. Brett Says:

    Post this image on the polling for Mike and Fred –

    Here is the “photo page” for more options:

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