Wednesday Morning Update

Good morning all:

Here’s an update for this morning.

We’ve been waiting for a few weeks to find out who Kansas Senator Sam Brownback will endorse. The wait is over. Sam will endorse Arizona Senator John McCain. this is no surprise. At least he will not back Rudy or Mitt. I have more respect for McCain.

What is a surprise is that Pat Robinson has endorsed Rudy! Rudy can have him. He is one of the last people I would want endorsing my campaign if I was running. There is too much baggage there and I think that Pat can be a moonbat at times. I am much more comfortable having Pat endorse Rudy than if he endorsed Huckabee that’s for sure.

Speaking of Huck there’s new polling in Florida and North Carolina today that has him higher than he has ever been in those states. Granted I have not seen a NC poll before today.


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