Georgia For Huckabee turns GOP 7th District BBQ into a Huckabee Event!

Okay okay so I didn’t have as much time as I thought I did to post yesterday. I got busy so sue me! LOL

Last Sunday afternoon there was a BBQ to kickoff the Senatorial reelection campaign of Saxby Chambliss and the reelection campaign of US Rep. Tom Price (GA-7) little northwest of Alpharetta, GA. Late last week Georgia For Huckabee shot off an E-mail to Huckabee supporters and volunteers, like me, to tell us all about it. We would set up a booth. I was not able to attend but my new friends Don Williamson and Lisa Chambers were there. Considering we had organized I expected some other campaigns to have a presence, especially Ron Paul’s supporters. That was not the case! In fact Lisa, who put Mike Huckabee stickers on everyone she could find, summed it up on the Huck’s Army Forum this way:

Yes, Brian, I was at the event yesterday. Huckabee was the only presidential candidate represented. There were about eight or ten of us Huckabee supporters there spreading the word about Mike Huckabee; and we signed up about a dozen new volunteers at the event.

Don told me over the phone the other evening that someone came up to him and said “Is this a Saxby Chambliss event or a Mike Huckabee event?” Congrats to all who attended represented the Huckabee campaign. Kudos to Joe Dendy and Sam Teasley for giving us the heads up and organizing our effort for the event! Way to go Lisa for your hard work and thanks Don for sharing photos with me.

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