October Was A Fantastic Month!

Good morning!

Can you believe it is November 1st already? Wow! But even more impressive is the month that we just had. While we await the next goal let’s review. There is no doubt that we feel much better about things today than we did on October 1st, after the end of the 3rd Quarter. Let’s review:

-There were two debates and one town hall meeting that Mike Huckabee participated in and he won them all (and maybe a running mate in McCain at the AARP Town Hall meeting in Iowa). The most amazing part of this fact is that by this point the media has cut Mike off at the debates. He has gotten less time to speak but Mike continues to hit it out of the park!

-Every couple of days a new poll comes out showing Mike Huckabee rising either nationally or in a key state.

-Mike Huckabee narrowly finished in 2nd place overall in the FRC straw poll, but won the the onsite voting 5-1!

-I have lost count of the online fundraising goals that the campaign set for us over the past month. However, not one of them was off target. We blasted and obliterated each one of them! We raised more money online than the whole campaign raised in the entire 3rd Quarter alone. Even more amazing is the fact that we did most of that in the last 15 days of the month! No one will be able to say that Mike Huckabee has a money problem anymore with a straight face. The campaign had to bring in extra staff and extra phone lines to handle that demand at the office in Little Rock. There is no doubt that offline donations are surging as well. It’s very well possible that Mike raised over 2 million dollars in total this month! I have no idea if we will learn that info at this time but it does not matter. WE HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB!!

October has been a fantastic month and it has and will continue to show in the endorsements that have come and will be coming. Next post is a list of recent endorsements as it has been a little to keep track of them myself. We’ve done a fantastic last month but it’s time to nor rest on our laurels. Let’s continue to fight the good fight Huckabee soldiers!

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