Saturday Morning Catch-Up

Good morning!

It’s time to play Catch-up on a Saturday morning. Most of yesterday I was busy with some other projects and taking care of my dad whose back is in a lot of pain right now. So get some coffee and let’s get going.

On Thursday night Mike Huckabee and john McCain participated in a town hall meeting hosted by AARP. It was to be a debate but all the other GOP candidates chickened out. You can read the blog post about the event which includes links to coverage about the event. Could we be looking at a Huckabee/McCain ticket? Sure sounds good to me.

There are some great campaign videos being put out on YouTube lately. Here are just a few to watch: It’s About Time & Some Things Are Not Negotiable

Well it is inevitable. Mike Huckabee is really rising fast so the attacks are escalating against him. The Huckabee camp is not taking it sitting down. They are fighting back!

Are you looking for something to watch before football tomorrow? Look no further. Mike Huckabee will be a guest on CNN’s Late Edition tomorrow at Noon.

Well that’s all the time I have for now. Oh, the current online fundraising total is $822,037.62! We’re doing great!

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