Huckabee Server Upgrade & A New Forum

Good morning Huckamaniacs!

First of all please note that the problems with the server crashes over at the Mike Huckabee site, due to all-time-high traffic is being fixed. they are upgrading their server.

Also please go check out a new forum for Mike Huckabee supporters, Huck’s Army. You won’t be disappointed!

Oh and before I go please go check out Michigan Redneck. She’s got some really awesome items she has handcrafted herself on ebay. I won the bidding on her I Heart Huckabee pillow last night but I was not outbid at all. Come on people! The money goes straight to Mike!

CURRENT ONLINE FUNDRAISING TOTAL (Since October 15th) – $340,013.40

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One Response to “Huckabee Server Upgrade & A New Forum”

  1. Michigan Redneck Says:

    Thank you for the mention! I am working on a new project now. And will be making new items until Mike is the President.

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