RUNNING LIST – GA elected officials contacted on Huck’s behalf

this is a running list of the Georgia officials I have contacted on Mike Huckabee’s behalf to garner their support. If you are reading from Georgia, please join me in doing so. If I get any responses I will also post them here. And yes I labeled the date as October of 08 so this remains a “sticky”.











UPDATE – As of right now I am contacting the GOP members of the GA State House of Representatives. So far (including those contacted above) I have received only one reply, from GA Rep, Bob Horne (71st District which covers Coweta County , south of Atlanta). He supports Fred Thompson but believes Mike is a fine man and worth supporting if he wins the nomination next year. Even though it was not the reply I was hoping for at least someone has replied to me and I respect that. (October 7th)

I got a message Sunday night. from Rep. Ron Forster (GA House District 3 up in Catossa and Whitfield Counties). He told me that he would like Fred and Huckabee on the same ticket so Fred could be president for 4 years and Mike could serve for 8 years after him.

There is definitely support for Mike Huckabee in the Georgia House. I am thrilled to say that the support is growing and organizing behind Mike. The following are apart of his team already: Ed Setzler (Alpharetta), Mike Keown (Thomasville), Charlese Byrd (Woodstock), and Roger Hines (Former House member from Kennesaw). This is great news! (October 10th)

I received my first response from a member of Congress today from Lynn Westmoreland. He wrote to me and told me that he felt that it was unethical for him to endorse someone from his office and I greatly respect his viewpoint. (October 12th)

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5 Responses to “RUNNING LIST – GA elected officials contacted on Huck’s behalf”

  1. Massachusetts For Mike Huckabee Says:

    You are doing a GREAT job trying to get things organized in your state.Keep up the good work, with people like you on his side, Governor Huckabee is going to win this election!

  2. BDBopper Says:

    Thank you very much. I’ve started to write GOP members of the Georgia State House. I have had no response from anyone just yet. I will let you kmow if I get any response but there has been none so far. It needs to be done whether I get any response or not. I will not stop until as many people in the GOP delegation in the GA General Assembly are contacted. They need to know about mIke and that he is the best man for the job.

  3. OKforHuckabee Says:

    I wonder if those Reps would be interested in forming a GA Legislators for Huckabee group, like the recent one in Iowa.

  4. BDBopper Says:

    They are way ahead of you on that one.

  5. rhatch Says:

    Great Job…

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