PRESS RELEASE – Mike Wants You!!

The following is the official press release that is Mike Huckabee’s national cal for volunteers. Please join me in doing all you can to get Mike Huckabee the GOP nomination and into the White House.

Yesterday afternoon we posted a new volunteer signup form on our website and had 70 people signup in the first 126 minutes. An amazing total. Since then we have had a total of 421 people volunteer for our campaign. From as far away as Alaska to as close to home for me as Little Rock, I am honored to have so many folks quickly standup for our team.

Today we are officially calling for Volunteers to join our campaign.

We need folks willing to make calls, raise money, distribute literature, place yard signs, recruit other Volunteers and more. In poll after poll we are rising on word of mouth and winged prayer. I can’t tell you how people I have met on the campaign trail over these last eight months, but I can tell you almost everyone has offered to help. And so today, I am officially calling on you and asking for your help.

Complete this form and I or someone from our campaign will contact you soon.

After you sign up, I encourage you to find three other people willing to do the same. Even if they can only offer an hour of their time over the next weeks and months, we will take them up on their support.

Working together we can accomplish great things.

With deep gratitude,
Mike Huckabee

P.S. We have started this fundraising quarter with our strongest total yet: $160,000 through the first three days. Help us build our campaign warchest quickly with an emergency donation of $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or the maximum $2,300. Your financial support today will go towards providing campaign materials to our Volunteers, hiring staff and advertising in key states.

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