More on Huckabee’s Triumph Last Night

First of all here is a press release from the Huckabee campaign:

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kirsten Fedewa
Tel: 202-365-6936

Tel: 501-324-2008 Office
501-658-1654 BB

Former Arkansas Governor Wins with
63% of Vote

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor Mike
Huckabee was the clear winner of last night’s Values Voter Presidential Debate,
winning with a sweeping 63% of the vote.

“We won huge,” said
Huckabee after the votes were in. “I’m pleased, and proud, and honored to have
this historic endorsement from America’s leading social conservatives who
believe, as I do, in the core values which define American culture and
life. This overwhelming vote affirms that conservatives are coalescing
around one candidate and that candidate is me. Together, we will prevail.”

Huckabee came in a strong first place with 219 votes, garnering
more votes than all of the other candidates’ votes combined. Ron Paul was
a distant second-place, with 44 votes; Sam Brownback and Fred Thompson came in
fourth and fifth, with 18 and 15 respectively.

The poll included
340 delegates who were hand-selected by 40 of America’s social activists and

The debate, held at the Broward Center
for the Performing Arts, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, was organized by Phyllis
Schlafly, Paul Weyrich, Don Wildmon, Matt Staver, Rick Scarborough, and Janet

What was really impressive was the fact that the delegates voted before the debate and afterwards. Comparing the two votes, Mike’s total increased by 100 votes! Ron Paul lost 9.

The totoals can be found here.

A few more thoughts about last night:

Kudos to Huck for using his time wisely. Since he did not use any of his extra time, Mike was able to talk for two additional minutes (for a total of four minutes) during his final remarks. Thus he got to make a stump speech. that probably won people over.

Ron Paul – During the “Speed Round” I was shocked by an answer he gave about Sudan/Darfur the cnadidates were asked if they would support working to end slavery there and the only red light (giving a no answer) was Ron Paul. This is where he differs with the “Anti-War” crowd. The majority of that bloc wants actions taken in the Sudan. If there is anything that cost Ron Paul his nine votes it was probably this.

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One Response to “More on Huckabee’s Triumph Last Night”

  1. Jim Baxter Says:

    That human institution which is structured on the
    principle, “…all men are endowed by their Creator with
    …Liberty…,” is a system with its roots in the natural
    Order of the universe. The opponents of such a system are
    necessarily engaged in a losing contest with nature and
    nature’s God. Biblical principles are still today the
    foundation under Western Civilization and the American
    way of life. To the advent of a new season we commend the
    present generation and the “multitudes in the valley of

    Let us proclaim it. Behold!
    The Season of Generation-Choicemaker Joel 3:14 KJV


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