Are You Ready? Post Debate Roundup Time!

(drumroll) Okay…now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Strap yourselves in and get you popcorn ready…Cause it’s time for the Post-Debate Roundup! Trust me you’ll want a nice cold drink and maybe a snack. It’s going to be quite a ride. It might take me a few hours to prepare this sucker! Ha!

To start us off, here is Mike Huckabee’s very intelligent and dignified response to the “Iran Scenario”

Did you miss the debate? Well here is the whole thing in 11 parts.

There was a rally and Debate viewing party held in New Hampshire yesterday. Massachusetts For Huckabee was there and has the skinny and pictures to share with us!

The Huckabee camp, in a Press release, claims that “Huckabee Vaults to The Head of the Pack After Debate Performance!” I agree! So does Colorado For Huckabee and California Grass Roots.

eyeon08 shares videos of Mike Huckabee discussing things right after the debate from the “Spin Room.”

Heels For Huckabee
has more videos from last night.

America’s Victory 08
and Oval Office 2008 discusses last nights debate. The Des Moines Register and Primary Monitor Blog also chime in. Right on The Right and Scottish Right has their say. There’s My Two Cents…well…gives his two cents. The Carpetbagger Report, The Banana Republic of Arkansas, Dial F For Fay, Compassion In Politics, Jeff Ellis, Purple Wombats,and Tom Roeser analyze the debate. Miles Per Gallentine has a unique take on the debate as an Obama supporter with an awesome sense of humor. Also from the left side of the aisle is Reality Check. Mark Towner’s spyglass also had his eye on the debate.

The New York Observer
is impressed by Huckabee’s debate performance yet again. Ditto for Wendell Robinson.

It is quite obvious that the showdown between Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul was the highlight of last night’s debate. Therefore the Blogosphere is buzzing about it from all sides. You can read reaction to the smackdown from Partisan Free Politics, Sharon Hughes, The UnCapitalist Journal, The Chief, Wyatt McIntyre, In The Agora, Western Writer, TalkWisdom, The Plank, Nick Carnes, The Philes, Sharon Cobb, The Podium, and darbyDarnit,

The Everyday Republican has the scoop on something we didn’t see last night. During the commercial break that followed the exchange between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas continued to show his class and grace by walking over to Dr. Paul and shaking his hand.

Michigan Redneck has the scoop on Huck’s appearance this morning on “Fox & Friends.”

The Political Junction
thinks that Huckabee could sweep in 2008.

Oops. Remember Mike’s “No Show George” remark about Fred Thompson last night. He got the reference wrong. The Junkyard Blawg has the 411.

Remember that Blogger’s Conference Call with Mike I talked about this morning? Georgia For Huckabee and Mike Huckabee And Arts Education have more.

K Street Mole For Huckabee pleads “It’s The Economy Too, Stupid!”

Huckabee in double digits in Texas!

Mike Huckabee Claims Authentic Conservative Title Over Thompson Doug Thompson of the Fayetteville Free Weekly agrees. David Kuo at Beliefnet got an E-mail this morning and writes that “Christians are for Huckabee, not for Fred.”

Get ready folks, Alan Keyes is on his way in. At least the Democrats won’t be able to call the GOP field “not diverse” anymore.

Huckabee definitely won over people and made converts last night. Two Cab Gab, Chirky, and Bounded Irrationality are three of them.

Well there you have it. the roundup is finally done! I’m going to sleep well tonight! Can’t rest too long though – I have to get out to see Huck on Saturday afternoon!

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5 Responses to “Are You Ready? Post Debate Roundup Time!”

  1. Massachusetts For Mike Huckabee Says:

    This is a great round up of the post debate coverage, thanks for posting it!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    That is some SERIOUS coverage. Excellent job.

    Impressive. 🙂

  3. TheCarlsonCrew Says:

    Thanks for the plug – great summary of coverage!

  4. D.Roman Says:

    Thank you for the information.Great post.

  5. Jeff Ellis Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my coverage. I think Huckabee could very well be one of the strongest candidates running right now. Even if he doesn’t win the election this time, I still think he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with for quite some time.

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