Saturday Morning Huckabee Roundup

Hooray! It’s Labor Day Weekend. College Football has arrived again. However I am not resting up this weekend. The Campaign is about to heat up big time. Wednesday night is the big GOP New Hampshire debate on Fox News, Thompson enters the fray on the 6th, and things will only ramp up from there.

So here I am waiting for Kickoff of the Noon games traversin the blogosphere for notable Huckabee posts to share with you. So here goes….

Mike Huckabee’s official Myspace blog
reminds us that the former Governor of Arkansas will be a guest on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopolus” in the morning and on “Fox News Live” at 5:10 PM Eastern tomorrow.

Mark Byron
has a very interesting piece on the latest momentum that Huckabee is building on.

Cracker Squire
shares an article in the Washongton Post and a video about Huckabee’s new “Rock Star” status and does a little comparison about someone else from Hope, AR.

Speaking of Rock ‘n Roll, Althouse expouses upon Huckabee’s pardon of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones when he was Governor.

Georgia For Mike Huckabee has more details about the upcoming debate and how we should spread the word about mike before and after September 5th.

Massachusetts For Mike Huckabee
posts about a Rally in support of for Mike in New Hampshire before the debate next Wednesday. If you’re going to be up there please attend. Great idea!

Steve Sailer has a very amusing post where he predicts Mike Huckabee will defeat Bill Richardson in next year’s election among other things.

Save Talk Radio
has a video of Huckabee’s speech to the International Association of Machinists.

Here’s a great argument for the FairTax at Musings of a Young Republican.

ThinkAware has posted the articles from this month’s issue of New Man magazine that endorses Mike Huckabee.

Well there is some things to chew on for now. Football is on. See Y’all later.

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