Huck Is The Real Deal – Thoughts On Today’s Blogger’s Call

First of all I am very honored and proud to be an official “Blogger For Huckabee!” I have been interested in the politicalreal of things for a while but I have never really gotten behind a candidate in my short life like I have for Mike.

Last night I received an invitation to a “Blogger’s Conference Call” with the former Arkansas Governor. I couldn’t have been any more excited. I quickly sent in my RSVP to proper person and set my watch for 2 PM. It never dawned on me until that time today that I had never participated in a conference call before. Thus, I did not make the proper choice of how to call in. I make a lot of phone calls now via Skype, unless I have free time on my cell phone during nights and weekends. I called in using that method. I quickly learned that it was not in my best interest to do so. I was not able to ask a question because to do so I had to “Press the 1 key” and Skype does not have that ability. Next time I will definitely use my phone to make the call.

As for the call itself I was greatly impressed (like I needed anything else to sell me on Huck). He was nice, friendly and quite personable, just as he is on TV. I hope to see him at a live venue sometime in the near future and I am quite certain Mike will be the same in that environment as well.

To kick things off there was a summary of what has happened since the Iowa Straw Poll and the big bump in ‘mo that has occurred since. There are now 150 fellow “Bloggers For Huckabee”, the website has had 3.2 million hits, and contributions are now through the roof compared to before the straw poll. There will be no resting on laurels as there are plans set in motion by volunteers to raise considerably more more money in the next sixty days!

For the rest of the thirty minute call, questions were taken and politely and intelligently answered. Topics ranged from the economy, to health care, to the effect Fred Thompson’s entry into the fray next week to the campaign. eyeon08 has a summary of the call here. The blog also has his own analysis of the call and Huckabee’s current situation here.

All-in-all I was impressed with the experience. I can’t wait to participate in the next call.

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