As I have stated before I am interested in politics and follow the political process closely as I believe it is my duty as an American citizen to do so (there are far too many people out there that don’t and that’s very sad). I consider myself to be a political independent. I usually vote Republican or Libertarian (I did and am proud to have voted for former GA Democrat senator Zell Miller). As far as foreign policy I side with the Conservatives but I lean to the Libertarians at home. I believe in the strict interpretation of the Constitution.

Obviously since the campaign for the White House has already begun I have decided on the candidate that I support. That candidate is Mike Huckabee. I am a supporter of the Fair Tax, an idea that would shut down the IRS and replace our current tax on income to a tax on consumption. The measure would replace income tax, social security tax, corporate taxes, etc with a 23 percent national sales tax. It would make the United States as the world’s Tax haven. All those businesses that run overseas for tax purposes would come home and more International businesses would follow. Fore more info on the Fair Tax click here.

I believe the Fair Tax is so important to our economic future I have become a one-issue voter. There are other candidates vying for the White House that support the measure but I really like Mike Huckabee the most. He presents a positive message for the future of this country that anyone can identify with. For those of you not familiar with Mike Huckabee he is a former Governor of Arkansas (sound familiar?) but he is definitely not Bill Clinton by any stretch of the imagination. Below is a video that someone put together that gives you a general idea of why I like Mike and why I think he is the presidential candidate that everyone should support.

Please note that I did not make this video and I am not being paid or getting any political favors for sharing it. I believe in the message and content of the video and that is why I am sharing it with you.

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